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Each song has 303 copies for sale and gives access to a CC0 package of sounds from Teebs.

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Did it Again
ft. Panda Bear
Instrumental by Mtendere Mandowa, lyrics by Noah Lennox, 2021-2022.

I first met Noah through mutual friends Ako and Atiba Jefferson. Ako got us all together with some video games online and before realizing who Panda Bear was I found myself asking loads of questions on parenting when I heard his kids in the background during our games together as I was soon to be a father. Eventually our conversations drifted towards music and I started sending him zip files of songs I was working on throughout the years, by this time knowing who he was. We live in different parts of the world so having moments online to catch up during various downtimes between work/tour/family responsibilities are moments I cherish and his work ethic and skills impress and inspire me greatly to push my work further. 'Did it Again’ was one of the demos I loved that was in a more recent batch that I felt was made with him in mind.I remember him mentioning that he felt that it carried a continued feeling from the first released song ‘Studie’.

Instrumental by Mtendere Mandowa, 2018-2022.

This tune was made during the time I was working on Anicca, my last full length release on Brainfeeder Records. This was the original file to one of my favorite tunes that has been reworked so many times called ’Threads’ featuring vocals from Anna Wise. When we worked on the song the drums were in and as I began to sort the parts with vocals I felt as though the drums were taking away from the moments I loved from Anna and began to redo the feel of everything for the record. The original demo became something I used for live events but was unsure about what might happen to it until I ran into Eric Coleman, a photographer and person I admire in Los Angeles. We haven't seen each other in years and the moment I played it he came up and mentioned that “this was the one” haha. I’ve never had that reaction from him before so I decided not to dismiss it and finish a version of the demo that did not take away from what ’Threads’ was but could tip a hat towards it. NES is this. An alternate sketch of 'Threads'.

Sofie's Seat
ft. Sofie Faouretchi
Instrumental by Mtendere Mandowa, Viola by Sofie Fatouretchi, Mix and Recording support by Ringgo Ancheta and Michael Lundy, 2018-2020.

Worked on during a session at Ringgo's old house where we also created the song 'bambo'. This song holds a favorite memory of mine from that day of recording. When we all arrived at Ringgo's place sorting out how to record he was excited to share that we can convert a beautiful sun/mud room with a slight patina into a booth for the first time. Open to the idea we set up a mic and asked Sofie to grab her viola and just listen and improv over the melody. No one had any idea how any of this would sound but the moment she sat down and let her strings vibrate all of our jaws dropped. The room was beautifully lit on a clear post-rain day in Los Angeles and the neighborhood was especially quiet during the time, only hearing sounds of Sofie playing out over the demo with birds chirping, slight seat adjustments and a warm white noise from the day. I'll cherish the memory forever and working with the people that day as I consider them my family.

D.I.A. w Panda Bear and NES are out now on streaming. S.S. w Sofie Royer is only available as a token mentioned above. Recently I’ve been so inspired by the James Webb Telescope photos and was not surprised when Kai Luen, a teacher and artist mentioned they were also inspired by these images and chose to work with them in mind when I reached out about collaborating on this project.

Watch 'Did it Again' visual piece by Kai Luen here.